Route A
Fresh fruits picking Trip for spring

Scenic spots along the wayPanzhihua Park-Picking in Huawu Renjian Scenic Area in Ashuda Village-Hong’ge Hot Spring

Enjoy the scenery

Panzhihua Park:Cycad Garden, Heroes Monument, ZhuhuYuan Fountain, Vivarium.

Huawu Renjian Scenic Area in Ashuda Village:Flowers, Viewing platform, Culture of Yi Nationality, Golf practices

Hong’ge Hot Spring: Spring SPA, Sports base, Golf, Spring Town, Sight of wind power generation, Flower sea of triangle plum, New village residence

Appreciate the annual flowering cycad with sunshine under branches and leaves; taste the fresh fruits in Huawu Renjian and take a photo as souvenir with beautiful butterfly among flowers; enjoy the Radon hot spring in Hong’ge Spring and say good bye to rheumatism, asthma and arthritis.

Recommending the special snacks nearby Panzhihua Park- the rice-flour noodles with Mutton, mutton is delicate and delicious with rich nutrition. Rice-flour noodles tastes yummy with unique flavor. Food on the tip of tongue neaby Ashuda (firewood chicken), is made up of braised chicken and secret recipe. Fried with seasonal vegetables by firewood, are both visually appealing and flavorous. Special copper locates in hotpot street in Hong’ge Spring. Copper hotpot has specialties on ingredients choosing and hotpot setting. They pay more attention on attractive appearance and unique taste. Braised chicken pieces, raw rips, local bacon, preserved ham, dried salted duck and colored coriander meatball set on hierarchically, fresh, tasty and the taste stays .it also means that five blessings ,unity and happiness.

Route B
Fresh fruits picking Memory trip

Scenic spots along the wayPanzhua Three-way Construction Museum- Renhe Wetland Park -Juque Inkstone Culture Street-Yishala Village

Enjoy the scenery

Panzhihua Three-way Construction Museum: Three-way construction history,Panzhihua construction history and related material, weapon (equipment) display

Renhe Wetland Park: Moonlight over the Lotus Pond, wetland Landscape, fitness trail,finishing near the river, entertainment on the beach.

Juque InkStone Culture Street:culture side street, Juque InkStone Museum.

Yishala village: Hui-style constructions, Jiangnan customs, Tanjingguyue ancient music,High wall and alley, Sea of sunflowers, Canyon wonders

Visiting the collection and display of Panzhihua Three-way Construction Museum, we can feel the construction progress of Panzhihua and aftertaste the enthusiastic times and the youth times. Enjoying the Bing Riverside in Renhe landscape and moonlight over the lotus pond and playing on the beach and water. Exquisitely carve on Juque Inkstone, like silks and satins. Listening to the Tanjingguyue ancient music originated from the northern and southern dynasties, appreciate the ancient court music 1600 years ago, enjoying the canyon wonders and the attractive nature.

Recommend “One Village and Three Groups” nearby the Renhe Wetland Park, which collects local special food of three provinces including Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou, totally more than 100 kinds of dishes. Special grilled fish or local roast duck or chicken are recommended too in Renhe countryside. Preserve your body and mind health by walking around the river with local people after dinner.