Route A
Sunshine spring Body Building Tour

Scenic spots along the way

Panzhihua Park-Hongshan Internation Aarea-Hong’ge Spring (stay the night in Hong’ge Spring Holiday Hotel)-Miyi National Canoeing Competition and Tra-ining Base -Miyi Zhuanxu Dragon Cave –Miyi Waterfront View Leisure Trail

Enjoy the scenery

Panzhihua Park:Cycad Garden, Heroes Monument, ZhuhuYuan Fountain, Vivarium.

Hongshan International Area: Spring SPA, Sports base, Golf, Sight of wind power gene-ration, Flower sea of triangle plum

Miyi Zhuanxu Dragon Cave: Dragon culture, Regimen via negative oxygen Ion

Miyi National Canoeing Competition and Training Base: canoe slalom wildwater games training base of national team, Drift.

Miyi Waterfront View Leisure Trail:Aerobic exercise, Night panorama of city life

Walking around the path in Panzhihua Park, open the door of your heart under green trees, like showy triangle plum blooming. Stepping on the grass of Hongshan International Area, when you swing, what is scattering is your sweat and what is releasing is your annoyance. Doing a comfortable SPA, and then to visit history about dragon culture. Rowing the scull and the rhythm of water generate passion last for short time.

Recommended Special Copper hotpot, seasonal country dishes, BBQ the whole lamb.

Route B
Sunshine mountains and rivers Rift experience trip

Scenic spots along the way

Downtown —— Ertan National Forest Park —— Yumen Island —— Jing River Waterfall (stay the night in Falls Villa) —— Gesala Ecotourism Area (till to Lu-gu Lake)

Enjoy the scenery

Ertan National Forest Park: Ertan as Chinese ink painting, High Dam appears magnificent,Oufang Camping Site

Hongshan International Area:Spring SPA, Sports base, Golf, Sight of wind power gene-ration, Flower sea of triangle plum

Yumen Island: Leisure resort on the island, Boat fishing and sailing along the river, Elega-nt environment, Clear river and blue sky

Jing River Waterfall: Jing River canyon, Beautiful waterfall like a painting, Karst landform wonders

Gesala Ecotourism Area: Thousand-Mu of land azaleas, Primary forest, Natural garden,Tiankeng and dilou, Hoodoos, Subalpine meadow

Downtown Bingcaogang always has the enthusiasm as Panzhihua. Temperature of Hong’ge sprig holiday resort sublime a Spiritual attachment. The EU camp makes Pan Zhihua exotic. you can glance almost 100 miles as wash painting in Two Beach National Forest park, it is just like an ecological gallery .Yumen Island where can hold up the Utopia. Mountain brook in Jing River Waterfall is a Sand of Silk-washing Stream. Suoma flowers, pine tree, Green hoodoos are the promiseof couples. Among mountains there is one beautiful road getting to the Women’s Country-LuGu Lake.

Recommending Yanbian dishes and Yajiang fishes.