Route A
Sunshine regimen trip

Scenic spots along the way

Downtown —— Miyi Country —— Guabang Mosque —— Haita Xanadu Scenic Spot (2A) —— Puwei Green and Flower County Tourism Area (2A) (stay nig-ht at Ningze Sunshine Hotel) —— Zhuanxu Dragon Cave

After drinking one cup of coffee in downtown, rush to sunny Miyi, the clear and beautiful town, just like that sunshine take away the dust. Listening to story of Shi Dakai in Guabang, enjoy the Islamic customs and appreciate the grand mosque. Encountering the sea of hornsey in Haita Xanadu Scenic Spot, both the face and flower blossom to red in the flower rains. Fall in love in the field of cauliflowers, one side is city, the other is hometown. Back to Puwei Green and Flower County Tourism Area, go deep into Zhuanxu Dragon Cave, to listen to the code words of stones among stone forests. You can arrive to Qionghai in Xi Chang from here, to visit the cosmodrome.

Route B
Sunshine Rural Trip

Route 1

Downtown of city —— Yayaowan Tourism Area —— Datian Pomegranate Tourism Garden —— Yishala National Ecotourism and Tourism Area —— Hunsa-la Country Tourism Area (to Yuanmou Earth Forest, Chuxiong Dinosaur Valley, Yi’s Ancient Town etc.)

When night comes in Bingcaogang, you can have a sweet dream in the warm wind of Yayaowan Tourism Area. Red pomegranate meat is stored in the surface as crystal. Yishala Tanjingguyue , pours out the encounter between Water melody of Jiang Nan and custom of Yi Nationality. Mango in Hun Sa La is with a variety of colors. Go to Yuan Mou to see desolate Shi Lin. Go to LuFeng dinosaur national geological parks to keep the appointment for 200 million years. Go to ancient town of Yi nationality to feel the customs like fire.

Route 2

Downtown of city —— Xifoshan Scenic Spot —— Zhuangshang Tourism Village (till to Lijiang) —— Yumen Island —— Dazefeng Tourism Area

It is very near from the prosperous downtown to Buddhahood in Yufo Temple. Loquat ripe and flower bloom in village full of flowers –Yi’s Water Town. Ramping over hill, finally arrive in Lijiang to listen the story about Nakhi. There are sunshine and beach in Yumen Island, blue sky and green water are brewing a conspiracy to keep you stay here. Waterwheel in Dazefeng moves slowly, Guosheng Tea is clear with fragrance, this moment lasts as long as life.

Route C
Sunshine and fresh fruit Traditional Custom and Culture Trip

Scenic spots along the way

Panzhihua Park —— Picking in Hong’ge —— Hong’ge Hot Spring (stay night at Hong’ge Spring Holiday Hotel) —— Yishala Village –Picking fruits in Xincun Village —— Juque Inkstone Culture Street —— Renhe Wetland Park

Yishala Village: Famous country for Chinese history and culture

Renhe Wetland Park: Ecological Landscape, Night panorama of city life

Juque Inkstone Culture Street: ulture Tourism Side Street, Juque Inkstone, Juque Inkstone products

Recommended: One Village and Three Groups, Special grilled fish and roasted goose

Multi-culture Trip

Scenic spots along the way

Three-way Construction Museum —— Residence of Lisu Nationality —— Zhuanxu Dragon Cave —— Ertan National Forest Park —— Dazefeng Base ——Sea of Flowers on Bailing Mountain —— Gesala Ecotourism Area —— Zhuang Shang Tourism VillageTourism Village

Point of Interests

Three-way Construction Museum:Three-way construction history, Panzhihua constructi-on history display

Residence of Lisu Nationality: Terrace, Culture of Lisu

Zhuanxu Dragon Cave:Panxi Strange Cave, Dragon culture

Ertan National Forest Park: Ertan as Chinese ink painting, High Dam appears magnificent,Oufang Camping Site

Dazefeng Base: Catching fish in the creek, High Mountain tea plantation, Campfire in the sky filled with stars.

Sea of Flowers on Bailing Mountain:Sea of Suoma flowers

Gesala Ecotourism Area: Thousand-Mu of land belt pines, Sea of Suoma flowers, High mountain with wetland, Basin landscape, Tiankeng and Dilou, Green hoodoos.

Zhuangshang Tourism Village:Bank of Jinsha River, Beautiful flowers, Outdoor experie-ntial training, Water-sprinkling and water- playing.

ecommending Yanbian dishes, Yajiang fish, Barbecue dishes.

Tourist routes around

Route 1Pan Zhihua —— Lijiang —— Dali-Chuxiong-Kunming (Pazhihua)

Route 2Panzhihua —— Luoji Mountain —— Xichang —— Lugu lake —— Lijiang(Pazhihua, shangri-la)